Sunday, January 18, 2009

These are still NOT Pink !

I've been so busy enjoying friends during the holidays, that I didn't play with glass much at all!
When I did get a chance though - I wanted to try the pink glass again that Mum got for me a while back.

not pink

All I can say is HUMPH!!. Not pink at all.
Mum muttered something about Fish Pink being an improvement on this dirty gray!

Mind you, she also said that maybe I'd have more luck if I was brave enough to use her Mini CC......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mt Somers

My friend Morgan and I went to stay with my other Nana in Mount Somers for a few days. Mount Somers is near where "Lord of the Ring" was filmed. When it was being filmed there were lots of things going on & Mount Somers got quite busy, but mostly it is a quiet little township.

I took my camera but forgot to take photo's until my Nana took us to see a special plant that doesn't flower very often. She said that my Mum would like to see it (because her and Mum have always both love their gardens) and reminded me to take my camera.
I think that Nana said that this is only the second time it has flowered in 15 years.

It's unusual.Nana was right, Mum did like to see it and she had a million questions when she next spoke to Nana Shirley. She still doesn't know what it is though ....and that drives her nuts!