Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mum's Got Gas!

Just in Case you didn't know

The type I need to use my torch that is! What were you thinking?
It's the school holidays here in New Zealand (why did she just roll her eyes?). I have had to wait for 2 weeks to get gas for my torch and now she says that she is too busy this week to supervise me at the torch.

I want to make some stringers.... and some beads if I have to (she's still being bossy when it comes to that). Mum said that she has ordered me some pink glass - she looked at me kind of funny when I told her that my new favorite colour was aqua last week.

We have new neighbours. They have young noisey children, that are naughty and scream a lot. The other night they kept running up & ringing our doorbell then running away again before we got to the door. They play in the shared driveway right out side OUR studio (she looked at me funny again just then!) Mum says that even my constant chatter is better than the noise the neighbours kids make....she also said we can play Sing Star & Guitar Hero with the ranch sliders open late at night in the summer.


rosebud101 said...

Miss Pinkerella, I hope that you and your mum have time to torch together. Tell your mum that if you don't like the pink glass now, she can make me beads upon beads upon beads with it, or you can! I still love pink no matter what!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Pinkerella Gabriela, hope you get a chance to torch! Maybe you could convince that Mom of yours that she needs to fit a wee bit of flame meditation into her busy week. . .

rosebud101 said...

Gabriella, Pinkerella, I just nominated you for an award. Come to my site to get it!

Karolen said...

My daughter is 8 and I'm teaching her to make beads, too!

You are doing great, Pinkerella!

And I LOVE the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow" by IZ!!! "This one's for Gabby..." Ha Ha!

Sweetwater Designs said...

Hey Pinkerella..your Mom's in big trouble now! I see 2 torches in your future..and I have to say those wee beads look pretty darn good for firsts!

Flame Slinger said...

Greetings Ms. Pinkerela!
I see you take after your Mum and have the makings of a great beadmaker and teacher in you! I hope you were finally able to make some pink beads; I'd love to see them posted for everyone to admire. Thank you for sharing your glass adventures Gabriela!

P.S. Tell your Mum Hec said she's LAGGING and needs to update your blog for you. If she keeps telling you she's busy, I know someone that can teach you how to whine really loud and high pitched so your Mum will do it just to shut you up! :)