Friday, June 13, 2008

A bead is born

The next day Mum let me choose 3 new colours - so I choose a cheap purple, green and yellow. I watched the Corina DVD that morning after netball - I wanted to make some pink glass from two other glasses like Corina did (because that mean Mum wouldn't let me use her Gellys Sty!) and I was saving the fact that I want cute dogs to torch with for later, think I'll hold her to ransom over something with that one - hehehe!

Guess who had to make stringers first.....again! YUK!! At least the bossy lady left me alone this time and I only had to make two of each colour.
I started with the CHEAP purple ....still going to try and borrow a bit of her EDP when she isn't looking though!

Bossy lady was pretty impressed when she compared yesterday’s black, red & white stringers - to the cheap purple, green & yellow ones I made that day. She even mumbled something about getting me to make her stringers....I think that means I done good!!!

My Stringers

That night after dinner I asked Mum if I could go & make some more stringers - I don't know why - but she laughed.

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