Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lets Get the Party Started

A few weeks ago my Mum decided she needed more space in the garage...oops....I mean her studio.

Of course being my Mum she had to wait for winter. Well... to be fair... I supposed that she waited until after she had finished working....and it just happened to be winter by that time.

So off she went & started a whole week of disruption. While she grizzled and moaned, and we had to have half the stuff from the garage stored in the lounge so that no one could sit down (it was kind of wet outside) I was secretly clapping my hands together - because I knew it would mean some torch space for me....finally!

That Mum of mine is fussy - she spent days just sorting the glass and making sure every rod was named. Then, to cap it all off, told me that I'm not even allowed to touch some of it!

Anyway I think the results are kind of worth all the fuss - but I'm not telling her that....besides although she has doubled her space - she now has me, Gabriela, to contend with.

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