Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Student Teaches!

After school on Thursdays my friend Meelha comes over to our house until her Dad finishes work.I had been telling her about making beads and she asked if she could make one.
Mum said that she could but I would have to help showing her how to do it and that she would have to pull stringers first too. First, Meelha watched while I pulled a stringer and told her what I was doing.

Meelha watches Me.

Next Mum showed Meelha how to make a bead, because I haven't had that much practise at starting beads off and sometimes Mum has to help a bit.

Meelha making her first bead.

Meelha made two beads, they were very good. I think her dancing training helped her sit nice and straight at the torch and she held everything really straight too. She put some dots on her beads with the stringer she had made and Mum said her dot placement was great.

We put her beads into the kiln & Mum cleaned them quickly the next morning so that I could take them to school to give too Meelha, but Mum forgot to take photo's.

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